X City Raid 360° Gliwice 2019 - Rules


  1. Two-person teams take part in the competition. They are divided into categories: M (male teams), MIX (mixed or female teams), MV (male teams, the sum of the age of the competitors not less then 90 years) and MIXV (mixed or female teams, the sum of the age of the competitors not less then 90 years).
  2. Teams from 2 to 5 persons take part in the Family Race (TR) At least one of the members of the team must be 14 years old or less. At least one member of the team should be 18 years old at least.
  3. Competitors must be at least 18 years old and have the assent from the doctor for taking part in endurance competition (or put forward the written statement on health conditions).
  4. Organizers must be informed about any changes of competitors during team registration in the race base.
  5. Changes in teams are not allowed during the competition.
  6. Competitors take part in the competition either under the name of their team or their sponsor’s.
  7. Competition is divided on of two stages. Localisation and time of the start ware to be announced on the event's website. All teams start at the same time and head to the finish non-stop. Competitors set pace, time and resting places themselves. The route race is marked by with checkpoints.
  8. Complete teams need to report to the organizers on every checkpoint. Route between checkpoints depends on the team. Competitors have to confirm their presence at checkpoint by punching SI card.
  9. There are few control points with special tasks to do.
  10. Classification depends on: first - completing as much checkpoints as possible and secondly - the whole team’s time result. If number of collected checkpoints is the same for two or more teams, classification depends on time result. Checkpoints and special tasks have to be completed by the whole team.
  11. On all stages and on all CPs competitors must have equipment that is required for each stage (for example bikes). During briefing Organizers will inform all teams about stages and CPs where the equipment will not be needed.
  12. It is prohibited to use any other kind of transportation beside the one that is provided and is allowed by Organizers.


  1. All special tasks time are counted as general route race time. In case of waiting for overcoming the task, the time won’t be counting off from the whole race time of the team.
  2. All special sections and tasks are done by teams on their own responsibility.


  1. Participants use maps prepared and delivered by the Organizers. Using other maps is not allowed.
  2. On the map CPs are marked with circles and numbered in the order of overcoming them. Check points will be connected by straight line (does not include connection between CPs on scorelauf section). Finish is marked by a double circle. The exact location of the CP is a circle’s centre.
  3. GPS navigation is forbidden.
  4. Using GPS-online transmission (if Organizers will carry it out) for navigation is forbidden under penalty of disqualification.


  1. Checkpoint is a white-orange lantern with its number and device instrument (SI base).
  2. Referees are going to be present on most of CP's.
  3. If there is a referee on a CP teams have to be seen by him/her. The moment when the last team member appears at the CP they are given the presence. If a team believes that is at the right place marked on the map and believes that there is no CP – they should call the Main Referee and get a confirmation from of the presents at the CP.
  4. Lost or damaging the SI card may lead to disqualification of the team.


  1. During the whole race participants are allowed to use only their own equipment (the one they have at the beginning and transition areas). Receiving and using equipment delivered by someone from the outside is not allowed.
  2. Teams must have all Mandatory Equipment as listed below. Organizers will check team and personal mandatory equipment before the race start and without warning during the race.
  3. If any of the mandatory equipment is missing or it is lost during the race the team will be given penalized with extra hours.


  • weapons (other than knife and penknife)
  • any kind of transport other than those specified/supplied by Organizers
  • GPS navigation
  • maps other than those provided by Organizers

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT (for City Raid; recommended for Family Race)

a) Personal full time equipment:

  • 1 x space blanket - foil NRC (min. 200 x 150 cm)
  • 1 x passport or Identity Card

b) Personal equipment for bike stages:

  • bike
  • 1 x biking or climbing helmet
  • 1 x front white light capable of displaying a white light visible at least 150 meters (headlamp is allowed)
  • 1 x red back light

c) Personal equipment for rollers stage:

  • 1 x biking or climbing helmet
  • 1 x pair of rollers (can be rented from the organizer, the information in the application form)

d) Personal equipment for kayak stage:

  • 1 x paddle (provided by the organizer)
  • 1 x life vest (provided by the organizer)

e) Team’s full time equipment:

  • 1 x compass
  • 1 x mobile phone
  • 1 x team’s First Aid Kit, which contents:

1 x non-elastic bandage
1 x elastic bandage
2 x non-adhesive gauze
1 x packet of painkillers (min. 6 pieces)
1 x packets adhesive tape (min. 5 pieces)
1 x 50 ml antiseptic in liquid


  • Personal & medical insurance
  • Appropiate clothing
  • Bike lock
  • Bike mapholder
  • pen/pencil


  1. The only possibility of changing personal equipment during the race will be at TA.
  2. Teams are allowed to come to transition areas after ending of the stage.
  3. Each team must have all equipment packed in the team's limited gear containers. Team must use their own packages (boxes, back packs) that will protect it from damages.
  4. Teams must mark their equipment with signs provided by Organizer (team number). 
  5. No Tansition Areas on the Family Race.


  1. Finishing of the Race
    1. Team is classified on condition it will start in both days of the competition.
    2. Classifiction criterias are: number of collected CPs, and (if teams have the same number of CPs) – time.
    3. All team members must be present on the CP. Only complete teams will be admitted. The final time of last team member is the final team’s time cause time penalties.
    4. The place in the classification is determined by the sum of collected CPs and times from both days of competition.
  2. Withdrawal
    1. In case of withdrawal of a competitor, or an entire team, the team captain must inform Organizers in the shortest possible time.
    2. When a member of a team withdraws from the competition, the entire team is disqualified.
    3. The organizer is not responsible for a competitor/team who has withdrawn.
  3. Disqualification
    Organizer has every right to withdraw the team member (and so the whole team) in case of:
    1. medical confirmation that competitor isn’t allowed to continue the race,
    2. breaking the rules of the race.
  4. Others
    1. When a member of a team withdraws from the competition, the entire team will have to move to the nearest TA area or held at the nearest CP or the nearest village, depending on situation.
    2. Team has to go to the base of the race on its own – apart from the situation when medical action is lead.


  1. Any team wishing to appeal or complain any aspect of the event must put forward a written from to the main referee, signed by all team members 1 hour after reaching the finishing line at the latest and enclose 200 PLN bail.
  2. In case of rejecting the appeal, the bail will not be refunded.


  1. Time limit for covering the route of the City Raid is 9 hours.
  2. Time limit of the Family Race is 5 hours. Time limit is set between certain CP. When time is over the CP is closed.
  3. Time limits will be given on the map or at the race description (near CPs). Time limits will be given in hours counting from the start of the race..
  4. Teams which won’t manage to arrive on the finish of the race will get time penalties.


  1. Time penalties will be given for:
    1. Teams that won’t manage to arrive on the finish line within time limit - 2 minutes for each started one minute after the limit. After crossing the half-hour from the designated limit, teams will be disqualified
    2. for lack or borrowing mandatory equipment – 15 to 30 minutes 
    3. for lack of personal starting number – 1 hour,
    4. for lack of the number on the helmet, or on a mountain bike and for inappropriate wear of personal start number – 30 minutes,
    5. for wearing signs, commercials and other labels which were not approved by organizer on personal start number – 30 minutes.
    6. inappropriate performance of special tasks or lack of it – 1 hour
  2. There is possibility that organizers can decide about time bonus. Information about these routes will be given during the race.
  3. Time penalties and bonuses will be added to the final result of the team on the finishing line.


  1. Teams are given personal starting numbers during the registration.
  2. During the race competitors are obliged to wear starting numbers. Numbers must be visible throughout the race.
  3. Numbers cannot be covered in any way (not by signatures, commercials unless they are proved by Organizer).
  4. Sponsor branding is allowed on clothes, as long as sponsors on starting numbers are visible.


  1. Each team supply their own food and drink for the entire event and are responsible for packing their food and all equipment in their gear containers before the race begins.
  2. Teams are allowed to supply themselves with drinks and food from encountered shops on the way. Organizer is not responsible for opening and closing hours.
  3. Teams are not allowed to take advantage of meals prepared by somebody from the outside.


  1. General information
    1. All competitors must respect and follow all instructions given by Organizer and must have all mandatory equipment listed by Organizer.
    2. During the briefing team’s captains will be informed about possible risks and procedures in the case of emergency.
    3. Every team must have one operating mobile phone.
    4. All competitors must must sign a document which states that each competitor takes part in the race on his own responsibility.
  2. Procedure in case of accident
    1. Emergency phone numbers will be included in racer’s information and demonstrated during the briefing.
    2. If there is a dangerous accident and mobile phones will not have coverage which will cause impossible to contact Medics, teams will have to use any other possible ways to get attention.
  3. Persons in distress
    1. Every competitor is responsible for assisting another competitor in case of an emergency.
    2. Failure to help a person in peril, even from an opposing team, will result in disqualification of the team.
    3. Time bonuses may be awarded to teams by the Organizers for assisting another team in the case of an emergency.


  1. All participants take part in the race at their own risk and responsibility.
  2. Organizer will not accept liability for any personal accident or injury during the event.
  3. A Competitor Agreement Document form must be completed and signed by all competitors.


  1. Other people
    1. Teams are allowed to get help from accidentally met people (except as specified in the Rules) and from shops, bars etc.
    2. Any organized help received from others is forbidden.
    3. Illegal assistance will lead to disqualification.


  1. Entire race route must be overcome without any help from the outside. Teams must not take any help from other people.
  2. Using any means of transport not allowed by Organizers is forbidden. All race routes where using of any transport will be possible, will be observed by judges. Breaking this rule leads to disqualification.
  3. Using any other maps than these delivered by the organizer is prohibited, under threat of disqualification.
  4. Crossing cultivation fields, nurseries or private areas is prohibited.


    1. Teams applying for competition, are obliged to pay an entry fee. The fee for City Raid is 40 PLN per team (paid till 14 April 2019), or 60 PLN (paid after that date). Entry fee for Family Race is 20 PLN (paid till 14 April 2019) or 30 PLN (after this date).
    2. Entry fee can be paid at the racebase during the registration; in that case it is 60 PLN (or 30 PLN for Family Race)
    3. If the team will register to the competition and pay the entry fee - and then decide to skip this competition, it should inform the Organizer. The teams who will do that  to 14 April 2019 will receive a refund of 100%. Teams that will inform about the withdrawal till the 26th April 2019 - will receive a refund of 50% of the entry fee. After this date, registration fee paid will not be refunded.


    1. Teams are required to fill in the application form via the website of the Organizer, e-mail, or in writing no later than the date of registration in the base of the competition.
    2. The notification should include the band:

  •     names of competitots
  •     residence addresses of  competitors
  •     at least one e-mail cadress of the team members
  •     at least one phone number that will be used during the competition
  •     name of the team


  1. All above rules determine regulations during the X City Raid 360° in Gliwice.
  2. Competitors will be informed about all changes in regulations (if there are any) before the race.
  3. Competitors take responsibility for their own safety throughout the whole race.
  4. Teams take part in the race on their own responsibility. Appropriate insurance is recommended.
  5. Organizers don’t take responsibility for damage done by competitors or by the others.
  6. Organizers cannot guarantee transport for teams that decide to discontinue the race.
  7. All competitors agree for publication of their images in the promotional materials and media reports of all sponsors, media patron and organizers.
  8. All competitors agree for processing their data for racing and marketing aims.
  9. The organizers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the race without giving reasons, but not later than 14 days before the fixed date of launch. Organizers will inform about the cancellation or change of date of the race on team360.pl website.
  10. In case of cancellation or change the date of the race referred above, the organizers do not assume any financial responsibility in relation to the participants for any costs associated with the preparation and participation in the race.
  11. In case of cancellation or change the date of the race organizers shall refund the entry fee or - with the consent of the participant - consider these measures to be buy-in for another race organized by Team 360.
  12. The final interpretation of above regulations is up to organizers.